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For those artistic and creative people to express themselves within the community through the game.
Forum rules
Rule #1: Be respectful. It's common sense. You wouldn't like me breaking your arms off, would you?
Rule #2: No offensive material. This is related to our first rule, but if you didn't get the picture, here it is.
Rule #3: All contributions must pass general public inspections as well as staff inspections before being implemented. This is in regards to quality and bug control.
Rule #4: No excessively large files. We won't implement something that will take days to download for our dial-up players.
Rule #5: Accept constructive criticism (also see rule #1 in regards to giving criticism). This may seem blunt, but some people just might not like your work.
Rule #6: No excessive customs. This is in regards to the Scripts and Architecture forums. They may NOT interfere with actual gameplay more than needed. If you want to create a story where you show items, fine. But nothing rewarding besides the experience (not experience points) and fun--which are more than just rewards.
Rule #7: Follow the Forum Rules. Of course these forums fall under those also.
Rule #8: Don't support breaking the In-Game Rules. Yes, no advertising or promoting the ignorance of those either.

By contributing and posting in these forums, you agree to abide by these rules. Any form of circumvention or breaking of these rules is subject to immediate post or thread deletion at a moderator's discretion. Excessive refusal to follow these guidelines may lead to termination of your forums account.
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