Chat Rules

The things you have to follow to be here.
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Chat Rules

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By playing on's servers, you agree to follow these rulesets.

Special Note: Please remember the staff of hold the right to modify these rules at any time.

Rule #1 - Respect
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Disrespect, racial comments, sexual slander, harassment, trolling, etc. will not be tolerated. Talk to players and staff in-game as you would want others to talk to you. Don't swear publicly or at other people. Never lie to the Game Masters(GM), Forum Mods, or any staff of Amistr. If you are caught lying to a staff member, you will be punished accordingly

  • First offence: Mute
  • Second offence: Channel kick
  • Third offence Ban

Rule #2 - Text Spamming
Text spamming is defined as repeatedly filling up a chat box (public or PM) with unnecessary comments.

Punishment: It is up to the GM or staff member to ultimately decide on the punishment.

Rule #3 - Content
Keep the chat as clean as possible. Refrain from things such as cursing, inappropriate discussions, etc. Anything children generally would not be allowed to see. Use your judgment on what is appropriate for the chatroom.

Punishment: Mute will be issued for breaking this rule, and a warning, repeated abuse of this rule will result in a ban.

Rule #4 - Advertising
Please refrain from advertising other servers, or anything unreleated to Amistr in chat or PM.

Punishment: A mute will be issued if you break this rule, and a warning issued. Failure to follow the rules will get you kicked or banned from the chat. Further punishment for repeated abuse to be determined by the staff as the circumstance arises

Rule #5 - Do Not Act Stupid
It's hard to give this rule much of a description, but don't do anything that, while not being listed above, is obviously something that would not be allowed.

Punishment: For acting stupid varies depending on the level of stupidity.