Second Edition Woe Basics

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Second Edition Woe Basics

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Second Edition Woe Basics

This is a picture of the Schwaltzbald, the layout is basically the same for all 2.0 castles.


The Barricades are impervious to harm (undamage-able) so the goal is to break the enemy's "Guardian Stones." Once the Guardian Stones are both destroyed the barricades are damage-able. The Stones and barricades take normal damage from normal skills.

You must break the barricades to get to the Emperium. Once the last barricade falls you will have access to the emperium room.

Once you own the castle there are specific items you need:
Anyone with a Cart or high Str needs the following items in case we take to erect the Guardian Stones:
famiong wrote: Any guild member can create/repair the Guardian Stone. Make sure these items are in your inventory when talking to the NPC.

Oridecon (1)
Elunium (1)
Stone (30)
Blue Gemstones (5)
Red Gemstones (5)
Yellow Gemstones (5)
Only the Guild Master can Erect the Barricades. The GM needs the following items:
famiong wrote: They too can be repaired/created, but only by the Guild Leader of the guild controlling the castle. Make sure these items are in your inventory when talking to the NPC (Control Device).

Trunk (30)
Steel (10)
Emveretarcon (10)
Oridecon (5)
For more information check out famiong's Second Edition Guide at

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