Reporting Yotaro

This stuff has been addressed. If you want to add information or such, do so.
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Reporting Yotaro

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I don't know much about this fella but what i do know is that he is dropping thousands of arrows in pront. Annoying much, we can walk around properly or click npc properly.

Date : 2010-07-02
time : ~14:55


Screenie : ... report.png[/img]
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Re: Reporting Yotaro

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Kiana wrote:Rule #3 - Botting or Third-Party Programs
Using a botting/third-party program to assist you in-game is strictly forbidden. This applies primarily to packet modification and programs outside of the provided clients that communicate with the server.

Reporting: 1-3 Screenshot(s) of the offence taking place - including PM's to the person asking them anything to provoke a conversation while attempting in any way you see fit to prove they are a bot -- within these rule limitations.

Punishment: Ban
Thankyou for the report. Quite obviously a 3rd party program is used to drop that many arrows at once. AmistrRO frowns upon the use of any 3rd party program, and does not take their use lightly.

Either Koma or Kiana will be looking into this further and taking nessessary action, ASAP.
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Re: Reporting Yotaro

Post by Kiana »

This player was investigated, and as a result banned from, this occured yesterday afternoon.
Sorry for the delay in replying to this thread.
Again, thank you for notifying me of this abuse in-game and on forums.
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